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Kristalize Jewelry Trunk Show Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Kristalize Jewelry Trunk Show! We are excited to accommodate your friends, family, or store customers by providing an exclusive and enjoyable shopping experience for all. We promise to provide our top selling products, as well as exclusive products that can only be purchased on our website or Trunk Shows. Customers will also benefit from our exclusive product sales and markdowns only available at Kristalize Trunk Shows! We can’t wait to exceed your expectations!   

Please read and agree to the following Terms & Conditions in order to secure your Kristalize Jewelry Trunk Show! We look forward to partying with you! 

This Trunk Show agreement is between Kristalize Jewelry, LLC, 8919 Hwy 119, Alabaster, AL 35007, herein known as “Kristalize” and all stores, shops, boutiques, and retailers herein known as “Retailers”, and individuals who book trunk shows herein known as “Hosts.” 

Hosts will receive a 20% credit from total sales towards the purchase of Kristalize products. Just imagine the possibilities!

Retailers will receive a 20% credit from the total sales towards their next wholesale purchase. This is an easy way for you to get Kristalize products on your shelves without paying out of pocket!

Hosts or Retailers must make a purchase of $100.00, or make a purchase less than $100.00 in order to reach the minimum, if a minimum of $500.00 is not reached. If the minimum is not reached, Hosts nor Retailers will be rewarded the 20% credit. But don’t worry, we’re sure you’ll invite more than enough friends, family members or patrons to exceed the minimum.

Hosts should book Trunk Shows for 2-3 hours. Retailers can book Trunk Shows for any amount of time, provided you allow appropriate time for travel and setup. Trunk shows will last the amount of time designated upon registration, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Hosts should provide a minimum of 10 guest at the Trunk Show. This will help ensure you reach the minimum purchase amount and maximize the fun!

After registering, Hosts and Retailers should email for out of state inquiries. We will accommodate anyone, anywhere. However, Kristalize may need additional preparation time and in some cases Kristalize and the hosts or retailers may have to agree on new payment arrangements, based on distance traveled.

All Trunk Shows should be booked at least 2 weeks prior to show date. Retailers that have reason to expect more than 100 customers should book at least 3 weeks prior to show date.

Hosts and Retailers must provide a safe, clean, and sizable space for Kristalize employees for Trunk Shows. Kristalize employees do not want to be crammed in a corner and the Kristalize booth should be easily accessible for customers.

Hosts may utilize homes, community centers, banquet halls, or the like to accommodate Kristalize employees and attendees. Hosts are responsible for all of the costs, safety measures, and cleanliness associated with the designated facility. Kristalize is happy to accommodate hosts in almost any setting, however, there is nothing like the personal and friendly atmosphere of your own home.

Hosts and Retailers must ensure all Trunk Show attendees act responsibly. Host and Retailers will be responsible for the theft or damage to Kristalize merchandise and/or equipment.

Retailers should use marketing techniques such as social media, billboard, radio advertising, or the like, to attract a reasonable number of consumers. Kristalize wants to give you as much merchandise credit as possible, so make sure you get people through your doors!

Retailers, no comparable products should be viewable by patrons, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Retailers must remove all Kristalize products from the sales floor by placing them out of the patron’s sight and cannot display Kristalize products for sale during Trunk Shows. Kristalize will bring all the products anyone could want, so leave the selling to us.

The Kristalize team is here to serve you so please email for any questions or concerns.

Accept Terms and Conditions & Return to Book your Party!